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Introduction to Trino Cost-Based Optimizer

04 Jul 2019 | Piotr Findeisen, Starburst Data

Last edited 15 June 2022: Update to use the Trino project name. The Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO) in Trino achieves stunning results in industry standard benchmarks (and not only in benchmarks)!...

Dynamic filtering for highly-selective join optimization

30 Jun 2019 | Roman Zeyde

By using dynamic filtering via run-time predicate pushdown, we can significantly optimize highly-selective inner-joins.

Release 315

15 Jun 2019 |

This version adds support for FETCH FIRST ... WITH TIES syntax, locality-awareness to default scheduler for better workload balancing, the new format() function, and improved support for ORC bloom filters....

Release 314

08 Jun 2019 |

This version adds support for reading ZSTD and LZ4-compressed Parquet data and writing ZSTD-compressed ORC data, improves compatibility with the Hive 2.3+ metastore, supports mixed-case field names in Elasticsearch, adds...

Apache Phoenix Connector

04 Jun 2019 | Vincent Poon

Presto 312 introduces a new Apache Phoenix Connector, which allows Presto to query data stored in HBase using Apache Phoenix. This unlocks new capabilities that previously weren’t possible with Phoenix...

Removing redundant ORDER BY

03 Jun 2019 | Martin Traverso

Optimizers are all about doing work in the most cost-effective manner and avoiding unnecessary work. Some SQL constructs such as ORDER BY do not affect query results in many situations,...

Release 313

01 Jun 2019 |

This version fixes incorrect results for queries involving GROUPING SETS and LIMIT, fixes selecting the UUID type from the CLI and JDBC driver, and adds support for compression and encryption...

Using Precomputed Hash in SemiJoin Operations

30 May 2019 | Shubham Tagra, Qubole

Queries involving IN and NOT IN over a subquery are much faster in Presto 312.

Release 312

29 May 2019 |

This version has many performance improvements (including cast optimization), a new UUID data type and uuid() function, a new Apache Phoenix connector, support for the PostgreSQL TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE...

Improved Hive Bucketing

29 May 2019 | David Phillips

Presto 312 adds support for the more flexible bucketing introduced in recent versions of Hive. Specifically, it allows any number of files per bucket, including zero. This allows inserting data...

Optimizing the Casts Away

21 May 2019 | Martin Traverso

The next release of Presto (version 312) will include a new optimization to remove unnecessary casts which might have been added implicitly by the query planner or explicitly by users...

Presto Summit 2019 @TwitterSF

17 May 2019 | Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski

Next month will mark the 2nd annual Presto Summit hosted by the Presto Software Foundation, Starburst Data, and Twitter. Last year’s event was a great success (see the Presto Summit...

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