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Trino Community Broadcast

19: Data Ingestion to Iceberg and Trino

Jun 10, 2021




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Release 358


  • SHOW STATS support for arbitrary queries.
  • Performance improvements for ORDER BY ... LIMIT queries on sorted data.
  • Support for Hive views containing LATERAL VIEW.


  • Reduced graceful shutdown time
  • A bunch of performance and correctness fixes
  • Removed support for legacy JDBC string in driver jdbc:presto:

More info at

Release 357


  • Support for subquery expressions that produce multiple columns.
  • Aggregation pushdown for ClickHouse connector.
  • Rule support for identifier mapping in various connectors.
  • New format_number function.
  • Cast row types as JSON objects.


  • Print dynamic filters summary in EXPLAIN ANALYZE
  • Fix trusted cert usage for OAuth
  • clear command in CLI
  • Numerous smaller connector changes - check your favourite connector

More at

Here are Cory’s slides that you can use to follow along while listening to the podcast.

PR of the week: PR 1905 Add format_number function

The PR of the week, is a simple but always useful PR done by maintainer Yuya Ebihara. This fixes issue 1878 that makes a nice format for very large numbers that get returned from the query to be truncated with a value suffix like (B - billion, M - million, K - thousand, etc…). Rather than reuse the CLI’s FormatUtils class, which missed various cases, he created his own implementation that solves for those issues. Thanks Yuya!

Demo: Showing the format_number functionality

Here are the examples we ran in the show.

SELECT format_number(DOUBLE '1234.5');

SELECT format_number(DOUBLE '-9223372036854775808');

SELECT format_number(DOUBLE '9223372036854775807');

SELECT format_number(REAL '-999');

SELECT format_number(REAL '999');

SELECT format_number(DECIMAL '-1000');

SELECT format_number(DECIMAL '1000');

SELECT format_number(999999999);

SELECT format_number(1000000000);

Question of the week: How do I search nested objects in Elasticsearch from Trino?

A question posted to StackOverflow asked how to search nested objects using the Elasticsearch connector.

Trino maps a nested object type to a ROW the same way that it maps a standard object type during a read. The nested designation itself serves no purpose to Trino since it only determines how the object is stored in Elasticsearch.

Check out Brian’s full answer to this question.


  • The “frog” book has been translated to Chinese! Keep your eyes peeled for the rebrand into Trino for the translation.



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If you want to learn more about Trino, check out the definitive guide from OReilly. You can download the free PDF or buy the book online.

Music for the show is from the Megaman 6 Game Play album by Krzysztof Słowikowski.