Release 358 (1 Jun 2021)#


  • Support arbitrary queries in SHOW STATS. (#8026)

  • Improve performance of complex queries involving joins and TABLESAMPLE. (#8094)

  • Improve performance of ORDER BY ... LIMIT queries on sorted data. (#6634)

  • Reduce graceful shutdown time for worker nodes. (#8149)

  • Fix query failure columns of non-orderable types (e.g. HyperLogLog, tdigest, etc.), are involved in a join. (#7723)

  • Fix failure for queries containing repeated ordinals in a GROUP BY clause. Example: SELECT x FROM t GROUP BY 1, 1. (#8023)

  • Fix failure for queries containing repeated expressions in the ORDER BY clause of an aggregate function. Example: SELECT array_agg(x ORDER BY y, y) FROM (VALUES ('a', 2)) t(x, y). (#8080)

JDBC Driver#

  • Remove legacy JDBC URL prefix jdbc:presto:. (#8042)

  • Remove legacy driver classes io.prestosql.jdbc.PrestoDriver and com.facebook.presto.jdbc.PrestoDriver. (#8042)

Hive connector#

  • Add support for reading from Hive views that use LATERAL VIEW EXPLODE or LATERAL VIEW OUTER EXPLODE over array of STRUCT. (#8120)

  • Improve performance of ORDER BY ... LIMIT queries on sorted data. (#6634)

Iceberg connector#

  • Fix failure when listing materialized views in information_schema.tables or via the java.sql.DatabaseMetaData.getTables() JDBC API. (#8151)

Memory connector#

  • Improve performance of certain complex queries involving joins. (#8095)


  • Remove deprecated ConnectorPageSourceProvider.createPageSource() method overrides. (#8077)

  • Add support for casting the columns of a redirected table scan when source column types don’t match. (#6066)

  • Add ConnectorMetadata.redirectTable() to allow connectors to redirect table reads and metadata listings. (#7606)

  • Add ConnectorMetadata.streamTableColumns() for streaming column metadata in a redirection-aware manner. The alternate method for column listing ConnectorMetadata.listTableColumns() is now deprecated. (#7606)