Release 0.175#


  • Fix “position is not valid” query execution failures.

  • Fix memory accounting bug that can potentially cause OutOfMemoryError.

  • Fix regression that could cause certain queries involving UNION and GROUP BY or JOIN to fail during planning.

  • Fix planning failure for GROUP BY queries containing correlated subqueries in the SELECT clause.

  • Fix execution failure for certain DELETE queries.

  • Reduce occurrences of “Method code too large” errors.

  • Reduce memory utilization for certain queries involving ORDER BY.

  • Improve performance of map subscript from O(n) to O(1) when the map is produced by an eligible operation, including the map constructor and Hive readers (except ORC and optimized Parquet). More read and write operations will take advantage of this in future releases.

  • Add enable_intermediate_aggregations session property to enable the use of intermediate aggregations within un-grouped aggregations.

  • Add support for INTERVAL data type to avg() and sum() aggregation functions.

  • Add support for INT as an alias for the INTEGER data type.

  • Add resource group information to query events.


  • Make table creation metastore operations idempotent, which allows recovery when retrying timeouts or other errors.


  • Rename mongodb.connection-per-host config option to mongodb.connections-per-host.