Release 347 (25 Nov 2020)#


  • Add ALTER VIEW ... SET AUTHORIZATION syntax for changing owner of the view. (#5789)

  • Add support for INTERSECT ALL and EXCEPT ALL. (#2152)

  • Add contains_sequence() function. (#5593)

  • Support defining cluster topology (used for query scheduling) using network subnets. (#4862)

  • Improve query performance by reducing worker to worker communication overhead. (#5905, #5949)

  • Allow disabling client HTTP response compression, which can improve throughput over fast network links. Compression can be disabled globally via the query-results.compression-enabled config property, for CLI via the --disable-compression flag, and for the JDBC driver via the disableCompression driver property. (#5818)

  • Rename rewrite-filtering-semi-join-to-inner-join session property to rewrite_filtering_semi_join_to_inner_join. (#5954)

  • Throw a user error when session property value cannot be decoded. (#5731)

  • Fix query failure when expressions that produce values of type row are used in a VALUES clause. (#3398)


  • A minimum Java version of 11.0.7 is now required for Presto to start. This is to mitigate JDK-8206955. (#5957)


  • Add support for multiple LDAP bind patterns. (#5874)

  • Include groups for view owner when checking permissions for views. (#5945)

JDBC driver#

  • Implement addBatch(), clearBatch() and executeBatch() methods in PreparedStatement. (#5507)


  • Add support for providing queries to presto-cli via shell redirection. (#5881)

Docker image#

  • Update Presto docker image to use CentOS 8 as the base image. (#5920)

Hive connector#

  • Add support for ALTER VIEW  ... SET AUTHORIZATION SQL syntax to change the view owner. This supports Presto and Hive views. (#5789)

  • Allow configuring HDFS replication factor via the hive.dfs.replication config property. (#1829)

  • Add access checks for tables in Hive Procedures. (#1489)

  • Decrease latency of INSERT and CREATE TABLE AS ... queries by updating table and column statistics in parallel. (#3638)

  • Fix leaking S3 connections when querying Avro tables. (#5562)

Kudu connector#

  • Add dynamic filtering support. It can be enabled by setting a non-zero duration value for kudu.dynamic-filtering.wait-timeout config property or dynamic_filtering_wait_timeout session property. (#5594)

MongoDB connector#

  • Improve performance of queries containing a LIMIT clause. (#5870)

Other connectors#

  • Improve query performance by compacting large pushed down predicates for the PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Redshift and SQL Server connectors. Compaction threshold can be changed using the domain-compaction-threshold config property or domain_compaction_threshold session property. (#6057)

  • Improve performance for the PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server connectors for certain complex queries involving aggregation and predicates by pushing the aggregation and predicates computation into the remote database. (#4112)


  • Add support for connectors to redirect table scan operations to another connector. (#5792)

  • Add physical input bytes and rows for table scan operation to query completion event. (#5872)