Release 0.54#

  • Restore binding for the node resource on the coordinator, which provides the state of all nodes as seen by the coordinator’s failure detector. Access /v1/node to see all nodes, or /v1/node/failed to see failed nodes.

  • Prevent the Command line interface from hanging when the server goes away.

  • Add Hive connector hive-hadoop1 for Apache Hadoop 1.x.

  • Add support for Snappy and LZ4 compression codecs for the hive-cdh4 connector.

  • Add Example HTTP connector example-http that reads CSV data via HTTP. The connector requires a metadata URI that returns a JSON document describing the table metadata and the CSV files to read.

    Its primary purpose is to serve as an example of how to write a connector, but it can also be used directly. Create etc/catalog/ with the following contents to mount the example-http connector as the example catalog:
  • Show correct error message when a catalog or schema does not exist.

  • Verify JVM requirements on startup.

  • Log an error when the JVM code cache is full.

  • Upgrade the embedded Discovery server to allow using non-UUID values for the property.