Release 0.155#


  • Fix incorrect results when queries contain multiple grouping sets that resolve to the same set.

  • Fix incorrect results when using map with IN predicates.

  • Fix compile failure for outer joins that have a complex join criteria.

  • Fix error messages for failures during commit.

  • Fix memory accounting for simple aggregation, top N and distinct queries. These queries may now report higher memory usage than before.

  • Reduce unnecessary memory usage of map_agg(), multimap_agg() and map_union().

  • Make INCLUDING, EXCLUDING and PROPERTIES non-reserved keywords.

  • Remove support for the experimental feature to compute approximate queries based on sampled tables.

  • Properly account for time spent creating page source.

  • Various optimizations to reduce coordinator CPU usage.


  • Fix schema evolution support in new Parquet reader.

  • Fix NoClassDefFoundError when using Hadoop KMS.

  • Add support for Avro file format.

  • Always produce dictionary blocks for DWRF dictionary encoded streams.


  • Remove legacy connector API.