Release 0.77#

Parametric types#

Presto now has a framework for implementing parametric types and functions. Support for ARRAY and MAP types has been added, including the element accessor operator [], and new Array functions and operators.

Streaming index joins#

Index joins will now switch to use a key-by-key streaming join if index results fail to fit in the allocated index memory space.

Distributed joins#

Joins where both tables are distributed are now supported. This allows larger tables to be joined, and can be enabled with the distributed-joins-enabled flag. It may perform worse than the existing broadcast join implementation because it requires redistributing both tables. This feature is still experimental, and should be used with caution.


  • Handle spurious AbortedException when closing S3 input streams

  • Add support for ORC, DWRF and Parquet in Hive

  • Add support for DATE type in Hive

  • Fix performance regression in Hive when reading VARCHAR columns


  • Fix Kafka handling of default port

  • Add support for Kafka messages with a null key


  • Fix race condition in scheduler that could cause queries to hang

  • Add ConnectorPageSource which is a more efficient interface for column-oriented sources

  • Add support for string partition keys in Cassandra

  • Add support for variable arity functions

  • Add support for count() for all types

  • Fix bug in HashAggregation that could cause the operator to go in an infinite loop