Release 0.189#


  • Fix query failure while logging the query plan.

  • Fix a bug that causes clients to hang when executing LIMIT queries when optimizer.force-single-node-output is disabled.

  • Fix a bug in the bing_tile_at() and bing_tile_polygon() functions where incorrect results were produced for points close to tile edges.

  • Fix variable resolution when lambda argument has the same name as a table column.

  • Improve error message when running SHOW TABLES on a catalog that does not exist.

  • Improve performance for queries with highly selective filters.

  • Execute USE on the server rather than in the CLI, allowing it to be supported by any client. This requires clients to add support for the protocol changes (otherwise the statement will be silently ignored).

  • Allow casting JSON to ROW even if the JSON does not contain every field in the ROW.

  • Add support for dereferencing row fields in lambda expressions.


  • Support configuring multiple authentication types, which allows supporting clients that have different authentication requirements or gracefully migrating between authentication types without needing to update all clients at once. Specify multiple values for http-server.authentication.type, separated with commas.

  • Add support for TLS client certificates as an authentication mechanism by specifying CERTIFICATE for http-server.authentication.type. The distinguished name from the validated certificate will be provided as a The certificate authority (CA) used to sign client certificates will be need to be added to the HTTP server KeyStore (should technically be a TrustStore but separating them out is not yet supported).

  • Skip sending final leg of SPNEGO authentication when using Kerberos.

JDBC driver#

  • Per the JDBC specification, close the ResultSet when Statement is closed.

  • Add support for TLS client certificate authentication by configuring the SSLKeyStorePath and SSLKeyStorePassword parameters.

  • Add support for transactions using SQL statements or the standard JDBC mechanism.

  • Allow executing the USE statement. Note that this is primarily useful when running arbitrary SQL on behalf of users. For programmatic use, continuing to use setCatalog() and setSchema() on Connection is recommended.

  • Allow executing SET SESSION and RESET SESSION.

Resource group#

  • Add WEIGHTED_FAIR resource group scheduling policy.


  • Do not require setting hive.metastore.uri when using the file metastore.

  • Reduce memory usage when reading string columns from ORC or DWRF files.

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, and SQL Server shanges#

  • Change mapping for columns with DECIMAL(p,s) data type from Presto DOUBLE type to the corresponding Presto DECIMAL type.


  • Fix documentation for raw decoder.

Thrift connector#

  • Add support for index joins.


  • Deprecate SliceArrayBlock.

  • Add SessionPropertyConfigurationManager plugin to enable overriding default session properties dynamically.