Release 0.179#


  • Fix issue which could cause incorrect results when processing dictionary encoded data. If the expression can fail on bad input, the results from filtered-out rows containing bad input may be included in the query output (#8262).

  • Fix planning failure when similar expressions appear in the ORDER BY clause of a query that contains ORDER BY and LIMIT.

  • Fix planning failure when GROUPING() is used with the legacy_order_by session property set to true.

  • Fix parsing failure when NFD, NFC, NFKD or NFKC are used as identifiers.

  • Fix a memory leak on the coordinator that manifests itself with canceled queries.

  • Fix excessive GC overhead caused by captured lambda expressions.

  • Reduce the memory usage of map/array aggregation functions.

  • Redact sensitive config property values in the server log.

  • Update timezone database to version 2017b.

  • Add repeat() function.

  • Add crc32() function.

  • Add file based global security, which can be configured with the etc/ and security.config-file config properties. See System access control for more details.

  • Add support for configuring query runtime and queueing time limits to resource groups.


  • Fail queries that access encrypted S3 objects that do not have their unencrypted content lengths set in their metadata.

JDBC driver#

  • Add support for setting query timeout through Statement.setQueryTimeout().


  • Add grantee and revokee to GRANT and REVOKE security checks.