Release 327 (20 Dec 2019)#


  • Fix join query failure when late materialization is enabled. (#2144)

  • Fix failure of word_stem() for certain inputs. (#2145)

  • Fix query failure when using transform_values() inside try() and the transformation fails for one of the rows. (#2315)

  • Fix potential incorrect results for aggregations involving FILTER (WHERE ...) when the condition is a reference to a table column. (#2267)

  • Allow renaming views with ALTER VIEW. (#1060)

  • Add error_type and error_code columns to system.runtime.queries. (#2249)

  • Rename configuration property to experimental.late-materialization.enabled and rename work_processor_pipelines session property to late_materialization. (#2275)


Hive connector#

  • Fix incorrect query results when reading timestamp values from ORC files written by Hive 3.1 or later. (#2099)

  • Fix a CDH 5.x metastore compatibility issue resulting in failure when analyzing or inserting into a table with date columns. (#556)

  • Reduce number of metastore calls when fetching partitions. (#1921)

  • Support reading from insert-only transactional tables. (#576)

  • Deprecate (previously known as Setting this configuration property to false may hide correctness issues, leading to incorrect query results. Session property parquet_fail_with_corrupted_statistics is deprecated as well. Both configuration and session properties will be removed in a future version. (#2129)

  • Improve concurrency when updating table or partition statistics. (#2154)

  • Add support for renaming views. (#2189)

  • Allow configuring the hive.orc.use-column-names config property on a per-session basis using the orc_use_column_names session property. (#2248)

Kudu connector#

  • Support predicate pushdown for the decimal type. (#2131)

  • Fix column position swap for delete operations that may result in deletion of the wrong records. (#2252)

  • Improve predicate pushdown for queries that match a column against multiple values (typically using the IN operator). (#2253)

MongoDB connector#

  • Add support for reading from views. (#2156)

PostgreSQL connector#

  • Allow converting unsupported types to VARCHAR by setting the session property unsupported_type_handling or configuration property unsupported-type-handling to CONVERT_TO_VARCHAR. (#1182)

MySQL connector#

  • Fix INSERT query failure when GTID mode is enabled. (#2251)

Elasticsearch connector#

  • Improve performance for queries involving equality and range filters over table columns. (#2310)

Google Sheets connector#

  • Fix incorrect results when listing tables in information_schema. (#2118)


  • Add executionTime to QueryStatistics for event listeners. (#2247)