Release 386 (15 Jun 2022)#


  • Improve out-of-the-box performance of queries when task retry policy is enabled. (#12646)

  • Improve query latency when task retry policy is enabled. (#12615)

JDBC driver#

  • Add configuration property assumeLiteralUnderscoreInMetadataCallsForNonConformingClients for situations where applications do not properly escape schema or table names in calls to DatabaseMetaData. (#12672)

Accumulo connector#

  • Disallow creating a view in a non-existent schema. (#12475)

Delta Lake connector#

  • Improve query performance on tables with many small files. (#12755)

  • Disallow reading tables if delta.columnMapping.mode table property is specified. (#12621)

  • Set a target maximum file size during table writes. The default is 1 GB and can be configured with the target_max_file_size session property or the target-max-file-size configuration property. (#12820)

Hive connector#

  • Fix incompatibility with Apache Hive when writing decimal values with precision of 18 or less with the experimental Parquet writer. (#12658)

  • Fix potential query failure when using schema evolution with union-typed columns. (#12520)

  • Fix potential query failure when reading timestamp(6) with time zone values. (#12804)

Iceberg connector#

  • Disallow creating a table with a pre-existing destination location. (#12573)

  • Fix NoClassDefFoundError query failure when using Google Cloud Storage. (#12674)

  • Fix ClassNotFoundException: Class io.trino.plugin.hive.s3.TrinoS3FileSystem error when querying information_schema.columns. (#12676)

  • Avoid creating a table snapshot when a write statement does not change the table state. (#12319)

  • Fix incorrect query results when filtering on $path synthetic column and on at least one other column. (#12790)

  • Fix potential query failure when reading timestamp(6) with time zone values. (#12804)

  • Fix query failure when using the [VERSION | TIMESTAMP] AS OF clause on a table with redirection. (#12542)

  • Fix query failure when reading a timestamp(p) with time zone value before 1970 from a Parquet file. (#12852)

Kafka connector#

  • Fix failure when decoding a float value to real type. (#12784)

Phoenix connector#

  • Remove support for Phoenix 4. (#12772)


  • Add new version of getStatisticsCollectionMetadata() to ConnectorMetadata which returns ConnectorAnalyzeMetadata. Deprecate the existing method and getTableHandleForStatisticsCollection(). (#12388)

  • Remove deprecated ConnectorMetadata.getTableStatistics method. (#12489)