Release 0.61#

Add support for table value constructors#

Presto now supports the SQL table value constructor syntax to create inline tables. The VALUES clause can be used anywhere a SELECT statement is allowed. For example, as a top-level query:

VALUES ('a', 1), ('b', 2);
 _col0 | _col1
 a     |     1
 b     |     2
(2 rows)

Alternatively, in the FROM clause:

    ('a', 'ape'),
    ('b', 'bear')
) AS animal (letter, animal)
    ('a', 'apple'),
    ('b', 'banana')
) AS fruit (letter, fruit)
USING (letter);
 letter | animal | letter |  fruit
 a      | ape    | a      | apple
 b      | bear   | b      | banana
(2 rows)


  • Add support for upper-case schema, table, and columns names.

  • Add support for DECIMAL type.

Amazon S3 support#

  • Completely rewritten Hadoop FileSystem implementation for S3 using the Amazon AWS SDK, with major performance and reliability improvements.

  • Add support for writing data to S3.


  • General improvements to the JDBC driver, specifically with respect to metadata handling.

  • Fix division by zero errors in variance aggregation functions (VARIANCE, STDDEV, etc.).

  • Fix a bug when using DISTINCT aggregations in the HAVING clause.

  • Fix an out of memory issue when writing large tables.

  • Fix a bug when using ORDER BY rand() in a JOIN query.

  • Fix handling of timestamps in maps and lists in Hive connector.

  • Add instrumentation for Hive metastore and HDFS API calls to track failures and latency. These metrics are exposed via JMX.