Release 0.140#


  • Add the TRY function to handle specific data exceptions. See Conditional expressions.

  • Optimize predicate expressions to minimize redundancies.

  • Add environment name to UI.

  • Fix logging of failure_host and failure_task fields in QueryCompletionEvent.

  • Fix race which can cause queries to fail with a REMOTE_TASK_ERROR.

  • Optimize array_distinct() for array(bigint).

  • Optimize > operator for ARRAY.

  • Fix an optimization issue that could result in non-deterministic functions being evaluated more than once producing unexpected results.

  • Fix incorrect result for rare IN lists that contain certain combinations of non-constant expressions that are null and non-null.

  • Improve performance of joins, aggregations, etc. by removing unnecessarily duplicated columns.

  • Optimize NOT IN queries to produce more compact predicates.


  • Remove bogus “from deserializer” column comments.

  • Change categorization of Hive writer errors to be more specific.

  • Add date and timestamp support to new Parquet Reader


  • Remove partition key from ColumnMetadata.

  • Change return type of ConnectorTableLayout.getDiscretePredicates().


This is a backwards incompatible change with the previous connector SPI. If you have written a connector, you will need to update your code before deploying this release.