Release 0.211#


  • Fix missing final query plan in QueryCompletedEvent. Statistics and cost estimates are removed from the plan text because they may not be available during event generation.

  • Update the default value of the http-server.https.excluded-cipher config property to exclude cipher suites with a weak hash algorithm or without forward secrecy. Specifically, this means all ciphers that use the RSA key exchange are excluded by default. Consequently, TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 are no longer supported with the default configuration. The http-server.https.excluded-cipher config property can be set to empty string to restore the old behavior.

  • Add ST_GeomFromBinary() and ST_AsBinary() functions that convert geometries to and from Well-Known Binary format.

  • Remove the verbose_stats session property, and rename the task.verbose-stats configuration property to task.per-operator-cpu-timer-enabled.

  • Improve query planning performance for queries containing multiple joins and a large number of columns (#11196).

  • Add built-in file based property manager to automate the setting of session properties based on query characteristics.

  • Allow running on a JVM from any vendor that meets the functional requirements.

Hive connector#

  • Fix regression in 0.210 that causes query failure when writing ORC or DWRF files that occurs for specific patterns of input data. When the writer attempts to give up using dictionary encoding for a column that is highly compressed, the process of transitioning to use direct encoding instead can fail.

  • Fix coordinator OOM when a query scans many partitions of a Hive table (#11322).

  • Improve readability of columns, partitioning, and transactions in explain plains.

Thrift connector#

  • Fix lack of retry for network errors while sending requests.

Resource group#

  • Add documentation for new resource group scheduling policies.

  • Remove running and queue time limits from resource group configuration. Legacy behavior can be replicated by using the file based property manager to set session properties.


  • Clarify semantics of predicate in ConnectorTableLayout.

  • Reduce flexibility of unenforcedConstraint that a connector can return in getTableLayouts. For each column in the predicate, the connector must enforce the entire domain or none.

  • Make the null vector in ArrayBlock, MapBlock, and RowBlock optional. When it is not present, all entries in the Block are non-null.