Release 0.104#


  • Handle thread interruption in StatementClient.

  • Fix CLI hang when server becomes unreachable during a query.

  • Add covar_pop(), covar_samp(), corr(), regr_slope(), and regr_intercept() functions.

  • Fix potential deadlock in cluster memory manager.

  • Add a visualization of query execution timeline.

  • Allow mixed case in input to from_hex().

  • Display “BLOCKED” state in web UI.

  • Reduce CPU usage in coordinator.

  • Fix excess object retention in workers due to long running queries.

  • Reduce memory usage of array_distinct().

  • Add optimizer for projection push down which can improve the performance of certain query shapes.

  • Improve query performance by storing pre-partitioned pages.

  • Support TIMESTAMP for first_value(), last_value(), nth_value(), lead() and lag().


  • Upgrade to Parquet 1.6.0.

  • Collect request time and retry statistics in PrestoS3FileSystem.

  • Fix retry attempt counting for S3.