Release 0.100#

System connector#

The System connector now works like other connectors: global system tables are only available in the system catalog, rather than in a special schema that is available in every catalog. Additionally, connectors may now provide system tables that are available within that connector’s catalog by implementing the getSystemTables() method on the Connector interface.


  • Fix %f specifier in date_format() and date_parse().

  • Add WITH ORDINALITY support to UNNEST.

  • Add array_distinct() function.

  • Add split() function.

  • Add degrees() and radians() functions.

  • Add to_base() and from_base() functions.

  • Rename config property task.shard.max-threads to task.max-worker-threads. This property sets the number of threads used to concurrently process splits. The old property name is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • Fix referencing NULL values in ROW.

  • Make MAP comparable.

  • Fix leak of tasks blocked during query teardown.

  • Improve query queue config validation.