Release 364 (1 Nov 2021)#


  • Add support for ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW ... RENAME TO .... (#9492)

  • Improve performance of GROUP BY with single grouping column. (#9514)

  • Improve performance of decimal aggregations. (#9640)

  • Improve performance when evaluating the WHERE and SELECT clause. (#9610)

  • Improve performance when computing the product of decimal values with precision larger than 19. (#9744)

  • Improve CPU coordinator utilization. (#8650)

  • Remove support for the unwrap_casts session property and optimizer.unwrap-casts configuration option. (#9550)

  • Fix incorrect results for queries with nested joins and IS NOT DISTINCT FROM join clauses. (#9805)

  • Fix displaying character type dynamic filter values in EXPLAIN ANALYZE. (#9673)

  • Fix query failure for update operation if it has a correlated subquery. (#8286)

  • Fix decimal division when result is between -1 and 0. (#9696)

  • Fix SHOW STATS failure for a query projecting a boolean column. (#9710)

Web UI#

  • Improve responsiveness of Web UI when query history contains queries with long query text. (#8892)

JDBC driver#

  • Allow using token from existing Kerberos context. This allows the client to perform Kerberos authentication without passing the Keytab or credential cache to the driver. (#4826)

Cassandra connector#

  • Map Cassandra uuid type to Trino uuid. (#5231)

Elasticsearch connector#

  • Fix failure when documents contain fields of unsupported types. (#9552)

Hive connector#

  • Allow to skip setting permissions on new directories by setting in connector properties file. (#9539)

  • Allow translating Hive views which cast timestamp columns to decimal. (#9530)

  • Add optimize table procedure for merging small files in non-transactional Hive table. Procedure can be executed using ALTER TABLE <table> EXECUTE optimize(file_size_threshold => ...) syntax. (#9665)

  • Restrict partition overwrite on insert to auto-commit context only. (#9559)

  • Reject execution of CREATE TABLE when bucketing is requested on columns with unsupported column types. Previously CREATE was allowed but it was not possible to insert data to such a table. (#9793)

  • Improve performance of querying Parquet data for files containing column indexes. (#9633)

  • Fix Hive 1 and Hive 3 incompatibility with Parquet files containing char or varchar data produced by the experimental Parquet writer. Hive 2 or newer should now read such files correctly, while Hive 1.x is still known not to read them. (#9515, (#6377))

  • Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when inserting into a partitioned table with set. (#9557)

  • Fix reading Avro schema written by Avro 1.8.2 with non-spec-compliant default values. (#9243)

  • Fix failure when querying nested Parquet data if column indexes are enabled. (#9587)

  • Fix incorrect results when querying Parquet data. (#9587)

  • Fix query failure when writing to a partitioned table with target max file size set. (#9557)

Iceberg connector#

  • Add support for renaming materialized views. (#9492)

  • Create Parquet files that can be read more efficiently. (#9569)

  • Improve query performance when dynamic filtering can be leveraged. (#4115)

  • Return value with UTC zone for table partitioned on timestamp with time zone. (#9704)

  • Fix data loss in case of concurrent inserts to a table. (#9583)

  • Fix query failure when reading from $partitions table for a table partitioned on timestamp with time zone or uuid (#9703, #9757)

  • Fix query failure when reading Iceberg table statistics. (#9714)

MemSQL connector#

  • Support reading and writing MemSQL datetime(6) and timestamp(6) types as Trino timestamp(6). (#9725)

SQL Server connector#

  • Fix query failure when count(*) aggregation is pushed down to SQL Server database and the table has more than 2147483647 rows. (#9549)


  • Expose which columns are covered by dynamic filters. (#9644)

  • Add SPI for table procedures that can process table data in a distributed manner. Table procedures can be run via ALTER TABLE ... EXECUTE ... syntax. (#9665)