Release 0.151#


  • Fix issue where aggregations may produce the wrong result when task.concurrency is set to 1.

  • Fix query failure when array, map, or row type is used in non-equi JOIN.

  • Fix performance regression for queries using OUTER JOIN.

  • Fix query failure when using the arbitrary() aggregation function on integer type.

  • Add various math functions that operate directly on float type.

  • Add flag deprecated.legacy-array-agg to restore legacy array_agg() behavior (ignore NULL input). This flag will be removed in a future release.

  • Add support for uncorrelated EXISTS clause.

  • Add cosine_similarity() function.

  • Allow Tableau web connector to use catalogs other than hive.


  • Add shadow-writes.enabled option which can be used to transform CREATE TABLE AS SELECT queries to write to a temporary table (rather than the originally specified table).


  • Remove getDataSourceName from ConnectorSplitSource.

  • Remove dataSourceName constructor parameter from FixedSplitSource.


This is a backwards incompatible change with the previous connector SPI. If you have written a connector, you will need to update your code before deploying this release.