Release 0.69#


The following config properties must be removed from the etc/ file on both the coordinator and workers:

  • presto-metastore.db.type

  • presto-metastore.db.filename

Additionally, the datasources property is now deprecated and should also be removed (see Datasource Configuration).

Prevent scheduling work on coordinator#

We have a new config property, node-scheduler.include-coordinator, that allows or disallows scheduling work on the coordinator. Previously, tasks like final aggregations could be scheduled on the coordinator. For larger clusters, processing work on the coordinator can impact query performance because the machine’s resources are not available for the critical task of scheduling, managing and monitoring query execution.

We recommend setting this property to false for the coordinator. See Config properties for an example.

Datasource configuration#

The datasources config property has been deprecated. Please remove it from your etc/ file. The datasources configuration is now automatically generated based on the node-scheduler.include-coordinator property (see [Prevent Scheduling Work on Coordinator]).

Raptor connector#

Presto has an extremely experimental connector that was previously called the native connector and was intertwined with the main Presto code (it was written before Presto had connectors). This connector is now named raptor and lives in a separate plugin.

As part of this refactoring, the presto-metastore.db.type and presto-metastore.db.filename config properties no longer exist and must be removed from etc/

The Raptor connector stores data on the Presto machines in a columnar format using the same layout that Presto uses for in-memory data. Currently, it has major limitations: lack of replication, dropping a table does not reclaim the storage, etc. It is only suitable for experimentation, temporary tables, caching of data from slower connectors, etc. The metadata and data formats are subject to change in incompatible ways between releases.

If you would like to experiment with the connector, create a catalog properties file such as etc/catalog/ on both the coordinator and workers that contains the following:

Machine learning functions#

Presto now has functions to train and use machine learning models (classifiers and regressors). This is currently only a proof of concept and is not ready for use in production. Example usage is as follows:

SELECT evaluate_classifier_predictions(label, classify(features, model))
    SELECT learn_classifier(label, features) AS model
    FROM training_data
CROSS JOIN validation_data

In the above example, the column label is a bigint and the column features is a map of feature identifiers to feature values. The feature identifiers must be integers (encoded as strings because JSON only supports strings for map keys) and the feature values are numbers (floating point).

Variable length binary type#

Presto now supports the varbinary type for variable length binary data. Currently, the only supported function is length(). The Hive connector now maps the Hive BINARY type to varbinary.


  • Add missing operator: timestamp with time zone - interval year to month

  • Support explaining sampled queries

  • Add JMX stats for abandoned and canceled queries

  • Add javax.inject to parent-first class list for plugins

  • Improve error categorization in event logging