Release 0.204#


  • Use distributed join if one side is naturally partitioned on join keys.

  • Improve performance of correlated subqueries when filters from outer query can be propagated to the subquery.

  • Improve performance for correlated subqueries that contain inequalities.

  • Add support for all geometry types in ST_Area().

  • Add ST_EnvelopeAsPts() function.

  • Add to_big_endian_32() and from_big_endian_32() functions.

  • Add cast between VARBINARY type and IPADDRESS type.

  • Make lpad() and rpad() functions support VARBINARY in addition to VARCHAR.

  • Allow using arrays of mismatched lengths with zip_with(). The missing positions are filled with NULL.

  • Track execution statistics of AddExchanges and PredicatePushdown optimizer rules.

Event listener#

  • Add resource estimates to query events.

Web UI#

  • Fix kill query button.

  • Display resource estimates in Web UI query details page.

Resource group#

  • Fix unnecessary queuing in deployments where no resource group configuration was specified.

Hive connector#

  • Fix over-estimation of memory usage for scan operators when reading ORC files.

  • Fix memory accounting for sort buffer used for writing sorted bucketed tables.

  • Disallow creating tables with unsupported partition types.

  • Support overwriting partitions for insert queries. This behavior is controlled by session property insert_existing_partitions_behavior.

  • Prevent the optimized ORC writer from writing excessively large stripes for highly compressed, dictionary encoded columns.

  • Enable optimized Parquet reader and predicate pushdown by default.

Cassandra connector#

  • Add support for reading from materialized views.

  • Optimize partition list retrieval for Cassandra 2.2+.