Release 328 (10 Jan 2020)#


  • Fix correctness issue for certain correlated join queries when the correlated subquery on the right produces no rows. (#1969)

  • Fix incorrect handling of multi-byte characters for Regular expression functions when the pattern is empty. (#2313)

  • Fix failure when join criteria contains columns of different types. (#2320)

  • Fix failure for complex outer join queries when dynamic filtering is enabled. (#2363)

  • Improve support for correlated queries. (#1969)

  • Allow inserting values of a larger type into as smaller type when the values fit. For example, BIGINT into SMALLINT, or VARCHAR(10) into VARCHAR(3). Values that don’t fit will cause an error at runtime. (#2061)

  • Add regexp_count() and regexp_position() functions. (#2136)

  • Add support for interpolating Secrets in server and catalog configuration files. (#2370)


  • Fix a security issue allowing users to gain unauthorized access to Presto cluster when using password authenticator with LDAP. (#2356)

  • Add support for LDAP referrals in LDAP password authenticator. (#2354)

JDBC driver#

  • Fix behavior of java.sql.Connection#commit() and java.sql.Connection#rollback() methods when no statements performed in a transaction. Previously, these methods would fail. (#2339)

  • Fix failure when restoring autocommit mode with java.sql.Connection#setAutocommit() (#2338)

Hive connector#

  • Reduce query latency and Hive metastore load when using the AUTOMATIC join reordering strategy. (#2184)

  • Allow configuring hive.max-outstanding-splits-size to values larger than 2GB. (#2395)

  • Avoid redundant file system stat call when writing Parquet files. (#1746)

  • Avoid retrying permanent errors for S3-related services such as STS. (#2331)

Kafka connector#

  • Remove internal columns: _segment_start, _segment_end and _segment_count. (#2303)

  • Add new configuration property kafka.messages-per-split to control how many Kafka messages will be processed by a single Presto split. (#2303)

Elasticsearch connector#

  • Fix query failure when an object in an Elasticsearch document does not have any fields. (#2217)

  • Add support for querying index aliases. (#2324)

Phoenix connector#

  • Add support for mapping unsupported data types to VARCHAR. This can be enabled by setting the unsupported-type-handling configuration property or the unsupported_type_handling session property to CONVERT_TO_VARCHAR. (#2427)

Other connectors#

These changes apply to the MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift and SQL Server connectors:

  • Add support for creating schemas. (#1874)

  • Add support for caching metadata. The configuration property metadata.cache-ttl controls how long to cache data (it defaults to 0ms which disables caching), and metadata.cache-missing controls whether or not missing tables are cached. (#2290)

This change applies to the MySQL and PostgreSQL connectors:

  • Add support for mapping DECIMAL types with precision larger than 38 to Presto DECIMAL. (#2088)