Release 0.212#


  • Fix query failures when the ST_GeomFromBinary() function is run on multiple rows.

  • Fix memory accounting for the build side of broadcast joins.

  • Fix occasional query failures when running EXPLAIN ANALYZE.

  • Enhance ST_ConvexHull() and convex_hull_agg() functions to support geometry collections.

  • Improve performance for some queries using DISTINCT.

  • Improve performance for some queries that perform filtered global aggregations.

  • Remove round(x, d) and truncate(x, d) functions where d is a BIGINT (#11462).

  • Add ST_LineString() function to form a LineString from an array of points.

Hive connector#

  • Prevent ORC writer from writing stripes larger than the max configured size for some rare data patterns (#11526).

  • Restrict the maximum line length for text files. The default limit of 100MB can be changed using the hive.text.max-line-length configuration property.

  • Add sanity checks that fail queries if statistics read from the metastore are corrupt. Corrupt statistics can be ignored by setting the hive.ignore-corrupted-statistics configuration property or the ignore_corrupted_statistics session property.

Thrift connector#

  • Fix retry for network errors that occur while sending a Thrift request.

  • Remove failed connections from connection pool.


  • Record the query ID of the test query regardless of query outcome.