Release 0.170#


  • Fix race condition that could cause queries to fail with InterruptedException in rare cases.

  • Fix a performance regression for GROUP BY queries over UNION.

  • Fix a performance regression that occurs when a significant number of exchange sources produce no data during an exchange (e.g., in a skewed hash join).

Web UI#

  • Fix broken rendering when catalog properties are set.

  • Fix rendering of live plan when query is queued.

JDBC driver#

  • Add support for DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo().


  • Improve decimal support for the Parquet reader.

  • Remove misleading “HDFS” string from error messages.


  • Fix an intermittent connection issue for Cassandra 2.1.

  • Remove support for selecting by partition key when the partition key is only partially specified. The cassandra.limit-for-partition-key-select and cassandra.fetch-size-for-partition-key-select config options are no longer supported.

  • Remove partition key cache to improve consistency and reduce load on the Cassandra cluster due to background cache refresh.

  • Reduce the number of connections opened to the Cassandra cluster. Now Presto opens a single connection from each node.

  • Use exponential backoff for retries when Cassandra hosts are down. The retry timeout can be controlled via the config option, which has a default value of 1m. The config option is no longer supported.


  • Add support for INSERT queries.