Release 0.167#


  • Fix planning failure when a window function depends on the output of another window function.

  • Fix planning failure for certain aggregation with both DISTINCT and GROUP BY.

  • Fix incorrect aggregation of operator summary statistics.

  • Fix a join issue that could cause joins that produce and filter many rows to monopolize worker threads, even after the query has finished.

  • Expand plan predicate pushdown capabilities involving implicitly coerced types.

  • Short-circuit inner and right join when right side is empty.

  • Optimize constant patterns for LIKE predicates that use an escape character.

  • Validate escape sequences in LIKE predicates per the SQL standard.

  • Reduce memory usage of min_by() and max_by().

  • Add transform_keys(), transform_values() and zip_with() lambda functions.

  • Add levenshtein_distance() function.

  • Add JMX stat for the elapsed time of the longest currently active split.

  • Add JMX stats for compiler caches.

  • Raise required Java version to 8u92.


  • The http.server.authentication.enabled config option that previously enabled Kerberos has been replaced with http-server.authentication.type=KERBEROS.

  • Add support for LDAP authentication using username and password.

  • Add a read-only System access control named read-only.

  • Allow access controls to filter the results of listing catalogs, schemas and tables.

  • Add access control checks for SHOW SCHEMAS and SHOW TABLES.

Web UI#

  • Add operator-level performance analysis.

  • Improve visibility of blocked and reserved query states.

  • Lots of minor improvements.

JDBC driver#

  • Allow escaping in DatabaseMetaData patterns.


  • Fix write operations for ViewFileSystem by using a relative location.

  • Remove support for the hive-cdh4 and hive-hadoop1 connectors which support CDH 4 and Hadoop 1.x, respectively.

  • Remove the hive-cdh5 connector as an alias for hive-hadoop2.

  • Remove support for the legacy S3 block-based file system.

  • Add support for KMS-managed keys for S3 server-side encryption.


  • Add support for Cassandra 3.x by removing the deprecated Thrift interface used to connect to Cassandra. The following config options are now defunct and must be removed: cassandra.thrift-port, cassandra.thrift-connection-factory-class, cassandra.transport-factory-options and cassandra.partitioner.


  • Add methods to SystemAccessControl and ConnectorAccessControl to filter the list of catalogs, schemas and tables.

  • Add access control checks for SHOW SCHEMAS and SHOW TABLES.

  • Add beginQuery and cleanupQuery notifications to ConnectorMetadata.