Release 388 (29 Jun 2022)#


  • Add support for EXPLAIN (TYPE LOGICAL, FORMAT JSON). (#12694)

  • Add use_exact_partitioning session property to re-partition data when the upstream stage’s partitioning does not exactly match what the downstream stage expects. (#12495)

  • Improve read performance for row data types. (#12926)

  • Remove the grouped execution mechanism, including the grouped-execution-enabled, dynamic-schedule-for-grouped-execution, and concurrent-lifespans-per-task configuration properties and the grouped_execution, dynamic_schedule_for_grouped_execution, and concurrent_lifespans_per_task session properties. (#12916)


Delta Lake connector#

  • Add support for setting table and column comments with the COMMENT statement. (#12971)

  • Support reading tables with the property delta.columnMapping.mode=name. (#12675)

  • Allow renaming tables with an explicitly set location. (#11400)

Elasticsearch connector#

  • Remove support for Elasticsearch versions below 6.6.0. (#11263)

Hive connector#

  • Improve performance of listing files and generating splits when recursive directory listings are enabled and tables are stored in S3. (#12443)

  • Fix incompatibility that prevents Apache Hive 3 and older from reading timestamp columns in files produced by Trino’s optimized Parquet writer. (#12857)

  • Prevent reading from a table that was modified within the same Trino transaction. Previously, this returned incorrect query results. (#11769)

Iceberg connector#

  • Add support for reading tinyint columns from ORC files. (#8919)

  • Add the ability to configure the schema for materialized view storage tables. (#12591)

  • Remove old deletion-tracking files when running optimize. (#12617)

  • Fix failure when invoking the rollback_to_snapshot procedure. (#12887)

  • Fix query failure when reading the $partitions table after table partitioning changed. (#12874)