Release 0.143#


  • Fix race condition in output buffer that can cause a page to be lost.

  • Fix case-sensitivity issue when de-referencing row fields.

  • Fix bug in phased scheduler that could cause queries to block forever.

  • Fix DELETE for predicates that optimize to false.

  • Add support for scalar subqueries in DELETE queries.

  • Add config option query.max-cpu-time to limit CPU time used by a query.

  • Add loading indicator and error message to query detail page in UI.

  • Add query teardown to query timeline visualizer.

  • Add string padding functions lpad() and rpad().

  • Add width_bucket() function.

  • Add truncate() function.

  • Improve query startup time in large clusters.

  • Improve error messages for CAST and slice().


  • Fix native memory leak when reading or writing gzip compressed data.

  • Fix performance regression due to complex expressions not being applied when pruning partitions.

  • Fix data corruption in CREATE TABLE AS when hive.respect-table-format config is set to false and user-specified storage format does not match default.