Release 0.144#


Querying bucketed tables in the Hive connector may produce incorrect results. This is fixed in Release 0.144.1, and Release 0.145.


  • Fix already exists check when adding a column to be case-insensitive.

  • Fix correctness issue when complex grouping operations have a partitioned source.

  • Fix missing coercion when using INSERT with NULL literals.

  • Fix regression that the queries fail when aggregation functions present in AT TIME ZONE.

  • Fix potential memory starvation when a query is run with resource_overcommit=true.

  • Queries run with resource_overcommit=true may now be killed before they reach query.max-memory if the cluster is low on memory.

  • Discard output stage JSON from completion event when it is very long. This limit can be configured with event.max-output-stage-size.

  • Add support for EXPLAIN ANALYZE.

  • Change infoUri field of /v1/statement to point to query HTML page instead of JSON.

  • Improve performance when processing results in CLI and JDBC driver.

  • Improve performance of GROUP BY queries.


  • Fix ORC reader to actually use configuration property.

  • Add support for creating and inserting into bucketed tables.