Release 325 (14 Nov 2019)#


There is a performance regression in this release.


  • Fix incorrect results for certain queries involving FULL or RIGHT joins and LATERAL. (#1952)

  • Fix incorrect results when using IS DISTINCT FROM on columns of DECIMAL type with precision larger than 18. (#1985)

  • Fix query failure when row types contain a field named after a reserved SQL keyword. (#1963)

  • Add support for LIKE predicate to SHOW SESSION and SHOW FUNCTIONS. (#1688, #1692)

  • Add support for late materialization to join operations. (#1256)

  • Reduce number of metadata queries during planning. This change disables stats collection for non-EXPLAIN queries. If you want to have access to such stats and cost in query completion events, you need to re-enable stats collection using the collect-plan-statistics-for-all-queries configuration property. (#1866)

  • Add variant of strpos() that returns the Nth occurrence of a substring. (#1811)

  • Add to_encoded_polyline() and from_encoded_polyline() geospatial functions. (#1827)

Web UI#

  • Show actual query for an EXECUTE statement. (#1980)


  • Fix incorrect behavior of CREATE TABLE when Hive metastore is configured with set to true. (#1958)

  • Fix query failure when reading Parquet files that contain character data without statistics. (#1955)

  • Allow analyzing a subset of table columns (rather than all columns). (#1907)

  • Support overwriting unpartitioned tables for insert queries when using AWS Glue. (#1243)

  • Add support for reading Parquet files where the declared precision of decimal columns does not match the precision in the table or partition schema. (#1949)

  • Improve performance when reading Parquet files with small row groups. (#1925)

Other connectors#

These changes apply to the MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, and SQL Server connectors.

  • Fix incorrect insertion of data when the target table has an unsupported type. (#1930)